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My Story

“As long as I can remember my life has revolved around food. Growing up in Paris I was spoiled with the best the culinary world had to offer, and then came home to my mother's loving Middle Eastern cookery. When I moved to New York I encountered even more enticing and mouthwatering dishes, and today I live in Dubai, an exciting melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Throughout my life food has not just been food, it has been the one constant, the one thing that connects both my worlds, the East and the West.”

Dalia is a Syrian-German food author, presenter and entrepreneur. A culinary nomad born in London, raised in Paris and having lived many years in NYC, Dalia moved to Beirut when she founded Kitsch Bakery & Café. Dalia currently resides in Dubai and is a prominent culinary personality, contributing to leading food magazines, acting as Harper's Bazaar Arabia's food editor and appearing on major TV channels.  Dalia's debut cookbook "Food, Love and Life from Dalia's Kitchen", topped charts at bookstores across the Middle East, such as Virgin Megastore and Kinokuniya Bookworld.