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Tips n' Tricks

D's Kitchen Rules ;)
  • Have fun.. Cooking is meant to put you in a good mood.. It's all about the process rather than the final dish, and once you realize that you will be a masterchef!
  • Use the best, always.. Don't spare on quality, ever.. You are what you eat after all..
  • Be spontaneous.. You don't need a whole plan of action and hours at the supermarket to cook up a delicacy.. I love looking at what's leftover in my fridge and see what I can come up with :)
  • Follow your tastebudds.. If you like things less buttery, more saucy, add an extra ingredient, adjust these recipes. It's not about making the exact same dish, but about inspiring you to make your own version of the dish- your own little recipe ;)
  • When using tomato sauce, always use a teaspoon of sugar to cut the acidity
  • To thicken your pasta sauce, just use a little of the water used to boil your pasta with. The starch will thicken you yummy sauce!
  • In baking, always use chocolate you actually enjoy eating. After all the bake will turn out only as yummy as the chocolate you used in th recipe.
  • Before poaching eggs, add tablespoon or two of white vinegar to the water. It will help contain the egg once dropped in the water.
  • Remember that most dried herbs are more powerful than fresh ones!
  • When cooking eggs, always rinse your dishes with cold water (it avoids the eggy smell). It's my Mami in law's tip and it works ;)