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Choco n' Cheese Crumble

5:55 PM Dalia 2 Comments Category : , ,

Time for something sweet :) This little recipe tastes & looks decadent, yet is so simple to make.. I like to use dark choco cuz I want a hint of bitterness, but you can use milk choco if you prefer it sweeter..

Serves 3-4 persons

200g semi dark choco
3 TBL single cream
200g Philly Cheese
150g whipping cream
4 TBL fine white sugar
150g digestive cookies

Melt your chocolate in a bain-marie (water bath).. It's basically one pot with boiling water, and a smaller one swimming in it. Add the chocolate to the smaller pot and melt until smooth, then add the cream and set it aside..

With an electric mixer, whisk the whipping cream until it forms firm peaks.. In another bowl mix the philly and the sugar until its soft, and gently fold in the whipped cream.. Crush your digestive cookies, but leave a few chunks here & there.. Now it's time to assemble our little dessert :)

Use a serving glass so that you can see the gorgeous layers.. Start with the crushed cookies, add the cheese cream mix, then the chocolate, the cookies again and so on until you have a nice layered dessert.. Sprinkle with the remaining cookies.. Voila! Quick & scrumtious Choco n' Cheese Crumble a la D!



  1. You know I'm not a fan of cheesy dessert, but I want to try this one anyway ;) But I'm a real blonde in the kitchen so had a little question: what exactly is the French equivalent of single cream? crème liquide? fleurette? rien à voir?!? Also, any possibility of replacing philly cheese with fromage blanc?

  2. Alexi, single cream is creme liquide.. And if you use fromage blanc, (yummy!), then I wouldn't use whipping cream but just sweeten the fromage blanc :))