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Truffled Capellini & Salmon Eggs

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Growing up in Paris, my family would often feast on Oysters, but as a little girl, I didn't like these gooey little buggers! My sis Joujou would tease my brother and I endlessly during lunches at L'auberge d'Ab or La coupole (famous Parisian seafood spots).. But of course, a few years later I discovered my BIG love for oysters.. And as the years go by, that love has turned into an addiction to those sea treasures.. I love them with a little vinegar and diced onions.. A la Francaise! 

I got some lovely ones yesterday and Ronnie, Nuffy and I devoured them in seconds! I decided to use the shell for a pasta dish I have been craving.. You HAVE to like seafood for this recipe as the taste is very particular and Salmon Eggs are not for everyone.. But if you do like them- you will go crazy over this simple yet intense Capellini dish.. And you must admit - the presentation there is just gorgeous ;) Enjoy this little extravaganza..

Serves 3 persons 
  • 400g of Capellini pasta (angel hair)
  • 100g of Salmon Eggs (they come in little tins by the fresh fish)
  • 1/2 tsp of seaweed salt (you can find it at Waitrose)
  • 2 TBL of butter
  • 1 cup of light cooking cream 
  • cracked pepper to taste
  • drizzles of truffle oil

Heat a pot of boiling salt water and cook your pasta al dente (2-3 minutes).. Reserve some pasta water for the sauce later, and drain the Capellini.. In a pan over medium-heat bring the butter & light cream to a very slight boil, add the seaweed salt and pepper to taste, then the salmon eggs and cook just to blend everything together.. Toss the pasta into the pan, add the reserved pasta water, and combine everything well before you start to plate your dish.. Drizzle the truffle oil at the end, and garnish with some more salmon eggs on top.. Bon App├ętit!

*Adjust the cream-to-pasta ratio to your liking.. I don't like to drench my pasta in sauce, so pls follow your preference ;)