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To a fabulous 2011.. Happy New Year ;)

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On the last day of the year, I always tend to get a little emotional.. So instead of a recipe, I will post a little personal note.. 2010 is a year where I have laughed a lot, yet also had to shed a few tears, but I guess that is life after all.. I have grown tremendously this past year and have once again been reminded of what really matters, and what does not.. I'm blessed with an incredible family, who always pushes me to take chances, and makes me feel safe no matter what we are going through.. My amazing friends whom I have known forever, and are definitely more like family than friends to me.. Even if I don't see them, I know the moment I meet them again, it's as if time has stood still.. My new friends, who have come into my life and whom I've gotten so very attached to.. And my love, I don't need to say anything, you know exactly how I feel.. Lastly, to everyone who followed my adventures on D's Kitchen, I really have gotten attached to this blog.. It started out as a food blog, and became so much more.. It's a part of me now, my own little personal journal.. 

In December 2005, I sent out a New Year message which is certainly a little cheezy, but it really captured my mood at the moment.. And so I will send it once again, 5 years later, wishing you all a very Happy New Year..

Wake up with smiles, take chances, don’t let that special one get away, and go for that dream - it really isn’t that far away.. 

Happy New Year,

xx D
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