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The last post for 2011. Wishing everyone a very happy New Year ;)

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As always I get very emotional during this time of the year. Add to that the fact that I gave birth recently and I feel as emotional as a Syrian soap opera so please bare with me here :) I'm in Beirut with the family, enjoying the festive season with the latest addition to our little clan, baby Phares. It's a totally different holiday this time, because it's not just about meeting up with friends and being out and about, it's quite a reflective holiday for me because I'm realizing that time is going by so fast. I still feel like a kid most of the time even though I have the responsibilities of an adult.. To be honest, I didn't realize how much we have all grown up - until the arrival of Baby Phares.

I can't stop thinking about how important it is to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. Life is too short and time is so precious, but sadly we only notice it when it has run out. 

So having said that, I sometimes fail at showing loved ones how much I care. I don't pick up the phone or call back, don't make it to a planned lunch or dinner, miss a birthday or an important event. Yes, I do let things fall through the cracks even though I shouldn't, so I would like to end the year with this:

Papi, I love you more than you will ever know, you are my rock and always have been. Mami, I hope that one day I will be half the woman you are today, I love you more than life. Maher, I miss my older bro. Joujou, my other half, my heart, my strength, my everything. Fufi, my baby brother, you will and always shall be the love of my life. Phiras, no words can express how right you have felt since day 1 and that's all I'm going to say because you know it all. Auntie Raffa, you have always been there - thank you. Amo Phares & Ronnie, thank you for making me feel like your daughter every single day! Twinkly, you are the most amazing person without even realizing it. Nadine BB, we've gone through thick and thin, and if that doesn't prove the strength of our friendship then I don't know what does! Galva, my partner in crime - life wouldn't be the same without you, my sister from another mother. Alexi, my soul mate, the person who gets me like nobody else does. Bozo, 22 years of consistent friendship & love, always. Adrienne, you know how much you mean to me even though I tend to disappear once in a while. Aicha, my femme fatale, I miss you. Rana, you're far but so close. Mr. Berry, I miss having you around! Nadoun, you know how much I adore you even though I haven't seen you much lately. Rash, you were Ph's friend first but now you're all mine! ;) Soumo, je t'adore my little Frenchie. Cynth, thank God for you in Dubi! :) 

I may have forgotten someone, and if I did I apologize but you know I don't mean it badly. Last but not least in any way, Phares, my baby boy.. It's a completely new kind of love that I'm feeling for you, it's unlike anything I've ever felt before, difficult to describe, growing exponentially every day. In the matter of weeks you have become my life.

Wishing everyone a healthy & happy New Year! See you in 2012 ;)

Loads of love,
D xxxxx