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Quick Breakfast Smoothie

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Images By Shruti Jagdeesh for ITP Publishing

Good morning beautiful people! I woke up this morning tightly tucked into my bed sheets because for Dubai standards it was absolutely freezing! But I love, love, love this weather.. It reminds me of the grey days in Paris and oddly enough this dull weather puts a smile on my face..

But maybe the bigger reson for the smile was me travelling to Beirut later on today :) I had a bit of an issue for Baby Phares's passport and visa, so due to this mishap I was away from my favorite man for a little while and thus haven't been in the best of moods this past week to say the least! Forget not in the best moods - I was down right a mean person! But finally it's sorted out now, and I'm going to pick up Phares from his granny's in Beirut. It's nuts, but I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep for hours last night. I can't wait to have my munchkin back home with us..

So not being in the jolliest state didn't make me feel like blogging much to be quite honest, but now that I'm heading to get him back all is back to norm again :) And it's still D's Skinny Kitchen, so I'm posting a very quick and healthy breakfast option from the Harper's spread of this month. Grab a copy for a yummy detox menu from my little kitchen ;)

Serves 2 – 3
Prep & Cook Time: 5 minutes

               2 bananas
               3 kiwis
               Juice of 2 oranges
               1 cup non-sweetened cranberry juice

In a food processor, blend all the above listed ingredients with a few ice cubes until smooth. Pour the smoothie in serving glasses and top with a few cranberries. Enjoy!

(Featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia January 2012)