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LA, Newport Beach and NYC must eats :)

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I'm writing a non traditional post, not including a recipe or yummy review, rather a snapshot of our trip, which was filled with food, food and even more glorious food! There are still get pics and suggestions of some of my loveliest bites, so when you get a chance, do try them if your in that neighborhood..

If I mention them then they are well worth it, and if something was not that delish I would just not post about it, as you know I hate criticizing anything or anyone- who am I to judge ;) Superstitious me believes it's all about karma in life so I'm only spreading the love..

These aren't my best images since I really didn't feel like taking my super duper cam, plus we were always starving and I never had time to take the right pics.. Sometimes I even forgot to silly me, so no evidence of us being at many, many other delish places - we'll just have to go back and do it again!

Even though food was crucial during our trip, more vital were the people we traveled with. So amongst a bunch of loving, singing, crazy and extremely funny people, I must say I had a phenomenal time.. So thanks to the funky bunch for an amazing time! In order of appearance: Joujou, Fufi, Nuffy, Cynthy, Somar, Salouha, Amir, Alex, Sly and Galva.

Much love,
D xx

The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach. Wish you were with us F & A ;)

Yummy Clam Chouder!

First time ever I try Salmon Wings, and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD!

King Crab.. Need I say more?

Galva's and mine favourite hot dog in LA.
Waiting impatiently for THE hotdog(s)!

One bite of each still means I only had one hotdog, right?
The BEST ramen I have ever had.. One of my, if not the meal of my trip!

First hour in NYC and we already devour a waffle from the truck. Extra nutella and whipped cream please :)

My all time favourite Lebanese restaurant, hands down. Each dish at ilili was truly memorable.

The beautiful spread of ilili dishes. Textures, tastes, smells.. I can feel them just looking at this (pls bear with my non-pro travel cam which doesn't do justice!)

Yes, nuffy kidnapped a tricycle!!!

The foccacia at Amaranthe, Uptown. There simply is nothing that tastes like it. I crave this at least once a week. I shall replicate and do my own version (evil laugh)
Peel's for breakie. Cheese and Jalapeno Gritts. Yummy!

The fluffiest, softest, smoothest, bestest pancakes I have had. After mine that is of course and the recipe is on the blog ;)

Not the best pic of our gang, but the only one I had where most of us were on.  Galva, you weren't there and Jouj you took the pic! Great Mexican place La Pulqueria

The Reuben at Katz for a quick meal.

The Finale! Raoul's in Soho. And galva has joined us :) Amazing Steak au Poivre but even more amazing Gnocchi, see below:

I can still taste them. My apologies for the pic, just take my word for it - heavenly!

A famous bakery in the city.. Made me miss Kitsch Cupcakes back home! Hehe..



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