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A rainy day in Dubai and a whirlwind in my little kitchen...

11:23 AM Dalia 0 Comments Category : , ,

Image by Sukaina Rajabali

I love Dubai when it rains; it just makes the city more real than the constant sunshine. Plus, it's the perfect day to stay in your pjs and spend quality lazing around time with loved ones :)

And I must admit I have some catching up to do, especially with Phares. I have not spent enough time with my little munchkin to say the least. Even though I'm home constantly these days because I'm writing my cookbook, I don't do much with Phares as I'm either cooking up a storm in the kitchen, shooting or running to the markets rushing to get missing ingredients. And btw, I'm sure the staffs at the supermarkets think I'm a complete nutcase! I’m the first one there when they open at 8am and then back again just before they close at night. 

It has been an incredibly exciting journey to be shooting this book, I can hardly sleep I’m so excited... It also has been an incredibly tiring and isolating experience as I'm literally running around, getting little sleep, and cut off from my friends and the world around me. Add to that the fact that the publisher had to push up the deadline one month earlier than expected and you have a beautiful and delicious whirlwind of things happening in D's Kitchen :)

So no recipe today, but I will leave you with a sneak peak of this beautiful Beef Tenderloin taken by the loveliest Sukaina. We shot this yesterday, and that will be lunch today for the family. I love my tenderloin medium rare just like the French men, so this is my idea of a little bite of heaven!

Off to spend some time with my two men, little Ph and big Ph before they don't recognize me anymore...

Much love, 
D xx