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Andalucia, a Nutella smudge and a Spanish Tortilla

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Image by Sukaina Rajabali

My family has been spending every summer in Andalucía since I was born. We even lived here for a year when I was a kid. To add to that, my sister married a Spanish man and they have four little munchkins, so needless to say I feel right at home when I come to Marbella.

Our schedule has been typically Spanish. Waking up late, bathing in the sun, then a late lunch and a lovely siesta (nap) under a beautiful breeze. Dinner is always ridiculously late but incredibly good. It's truly a holiday, and I have been enjoying doing absolutely nothing productive at all.

I am particularly enjoying this summer with Phares as he was just a baby last summer when we were here. My little man is eagerly discovering the world so I cannot begin to tell you how much fun that is. I'm taking him to places I went to when I was his age, and that really puts life in perspective for me - time flies, so it's crucial to appreciate every single moment no matter how cliché that sounds.

Note the smudge in Nutella. That bit is on mouse's little finger

Of course food has as always been sumptuous in Spain. From the most gorgeous braised octopus we had last night, to phenomenal Carabineros (large, red prawns typical to Spain), sardines in the best olive oil on the planet (truly) and so much more... I truly have been enjoying every bite since I have landed in Spain.

I was getting ready to make a tortilla, one of my comfort foods. So I thought it would be fitting to share the "Spanish Tortilla" which was on the blog some time ago but is also now a recipe from the book with a beautiful image from fabulous Sukaina from Sips and Spoonfuls. It's perfect at any time of day, something you can quickly whip up so it makes it ideal for busy bees like us. It's quite versatile too, so you can add pretty much anything you like to it (think peas or yummy spinach for example).

Hope you enjoy this one. Much love from sunny Andalucía ;)
D xx



  1. Hi never been to Spain but this reads like a good book I'm going to try this one soon thanks n God Bless

  2. Hi never been to Spain but this reads like a good book I'm going to try this one soon thanks n God Bless