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Chocolate Cupcakes & Cranberry Peanut Butter Cookies...

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Image By Sukaina Rajabali. Recipe from "Food, Love and Life in Dalia's Kitchen"

After a long time in bed, a belly full of soups and a lot of sleep, I finally came back to life last week. It's definitely not fun being sick, but at the same time, it forced me to stay in bed and regenerate a little I must admit. So every bitter side has a sweet one to it too, which is something I have learned these past few months. 

So after not being able to taste much, I of course enjoyed testing and tasting a new decadent recipe for one of our bestselling cupcakes at the bakery - the infamous Triple Chocolate. And yes, I am biased,  but I promise you it must be the best chocolate cupcake out there. Perfect texture, perfect sweetness, and perfect richness. It's just exactly what you want when you hear Triple Chocolate. Decadence in a bite! And absolutely gorgeous with a cup of coffee.

The Triple Chocolate ;)

Even though I'm not sharing my bakery's second bestselling recipe just yet, I am sharing the cookies I love for exactly the same reason. Perfect texture, sweetness and tartness, and simply divine from A to Z.

Everyone who has tried them loves these crunchy, chewy, sweet but sour bites of goodness. So trust me you will not regret doing them. And the best part? So simple to bake and perfect for a Thanksgiving treat ;) 

Much love from Dubai,
D xx

(Recipe in the cookbook "Food, Love and Life from Dalia's Kitchen available on amazon.com and in all major bookstores across the Middle East)