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A naughty but nice new chapter.. Welcome Kitsch Counter!

12:57 PM Dalia 2 Comments Category : , , , , , ,

I glanced at my last post and I simply do not know where the time went. Or maybe I do. It started off with a trip to LA and NY, renovating my home and my business, being a mom of two walking munchkins now, and being the best possible homemaker considering all of the above.

The post today is dedicated to our little business that started in 2006. We've been planning our renovation and also getting back to our savoury roots for quite some time now. Honestly speaking, things kept getting in the way, management decisions, other projects and more fluff. But after almost two years of debating, and a wonderful trip to the US this last May- something clicked and Kitsch Counter was set!

As in the beginning when we started this business, we were inspired by places from the US, so my trip with my sister to super chilled LA and my beloved NYC could not have come at a better time. My partner Racil moving to London also added to our mix of inspirations, and to this bigger and better Kitsch concept.

And so we welcome Kitsch Counter, a new chapter in our food life. The eatery is a relaxed place, that offers you good eats and naughty treats. Simple but good food, offering options from paleo to gluten free savory & sweet bakes, but also just scrumptious dishes made with real ingredients, that do not cut out food groups or follow trendy diets. 

We have options for everyone, where you can eat your greens and have your sweets as well. And that to be honest, has always been my philosophy as life is too short for a bad meal. 

To celebrate made from scratch with real ingredients, I am posting a divine and simple jam recipe from my book (so simple it's silly to buy it, well unless it's at Kitsch of course ;) 

And last but not least, a big thank you to my kitsch team for all the passion you put into everything you do...

Much love,

D xx