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Potato Pancakes, Kartoffelpuffer or Latke, with Apple Compote and a Happy Hanukkah

10:49 AM Dalia 2 Comments Category : , , ,

The holiday season is a time I deeply love because as a child I wasn’t “allowed” to celebrate Christmas. My grandmothers were quite conservative (especially my paternal Teta) and I have vivid memories of my siblings and I getting a mini Christmas tree, but being told it was not “allowed”. Today I love all religious celebrations, because ultimately we celebrate in the same way, with loved ones around good food. So on that note Happy Hanukkah💙 Here are my German “Kartoffelpuffer” or potato pancakes I grew up eating served with Applesauce on the side. Savoury yet sweet and so good! My feed has been full of “latkes” this Hanukkah week which is a sort of Kartoffelpuffer in Yiddish. Once again, same same but different 🙏🏼 #kartoffelpuffer #potatopancakes #hanukkah #latkes



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