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For Megdo.. Who inspired me to get into the kitchen..

12:24 AM Dalia 3 Comments Category :

A while back I posted from Damascus, and about my incredible Granny Megdo and her amazing cooking.. She passed in her sleep last Friday.. Please don't see this is as a sad post, on the contrary, this is part of life and after all passing in one's sleep at an old age is the most peaceful way to go.. She saw her great grand children, and led a full, happy life filled with so much love.. Needless to say that sadness and the pain of missing someone will always be part of saying a final goodbye, especially for my mom, aunt and uncle who all loved her so very, very much..

I created this blog because of my love for food.. And my earliest memories in the kitchen have Megdo cooking up some incredible feast when we would visit her in Damascus.. She was known in all of Damascus for her phenomenal cooking.. She did a lot of charity work and opened her house once a week to feed the hungry.. She taught my mom and aunt to be such fabulous domestic divas.. And my mom passed on her love for food to us of course.. So the reason for the post today is because Megdo is the root of my love for food.. D's Kitchen is a food blog, and has become a part of me, of my every day life, my own little journal in a way.. And today, after returning from Damascus I felt like sharing that I had the best Teta one could ever wish for.. I will miss you Megdo.. Love always, D



  1. A lovely post about your dear Megdo, D. There are a few wonderful women who have influenced my life and specifically cooking who I remember every time I step in the kitchen.

  2. Dalia,

    That is a beautiful and very touching post. My deepest condolences for your great loss. May she rest in peace. Needless to say that Granny Megdo will always be with you, not only in your heart, but in your kitchen right next to you. And coming from someone who has tasted your fabulous cooking, I have no doubt that she was very proud of you.