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Gone fishing :)

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I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks but have had limited access to the net, so my apologies for the disappearing act. As I've tweeted away and you have surely figured out - I'm on holiday :)

It's our first summer getaway with Baby Phares and so posting isn't as easy as it usually is. It's an amazing experience spending all this time with Phares; I'm incapable of expressing in words how much my love for him is growing every day. At 9 months old, my munchkin is now crawling, standing, babbling all sorts of things and is the cutest thing on the planet mashAllah, mashAllah! He's extremely affectionate with me and I melt away every time he squeezes me tightly. What a feeling! 

What is not so cute though, is the fact that he developed an extreme case of separation anxiety, meaning that every time I step away from him for even a second, he throws a heartbreaking tantrum. This happens even when I leave him with his dad, granny or aunt. I've done some research to understand this a little more, and apparently it happens frequently at his age. Separation anxiety can occur to various different degrees, but unfortunately in Phares' case it's quite strong. I guess traveling from one destination to another is also not helping him adjust. It's nothing too severe hamdellah, but I must admit that I have trouble seeing my baby's crocodile tears flow. 

Anyways, back to the summer holiday. I seem to have forgotten the cable connecting my camera to the laptop silly me, so I won't be able to upload images today. But I promise I have some lovely things to show you once I do. We started our holidays in the lovely South of France, and are now in Marbella, Spain. We're taking off to Lake Como for a friend's wedding in a few days and are returning to lovely Tuscany (where Phiras and I got engaged) with a group of friends to end our trip. So loads of absolutely gorgeous foodie spots - lucky me :)

In the mean time, I wish you all a happy and healthy Eid, and hope you are enjoying the month of August, whether at home or on holiday.

Much love,
D xx