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Roquefort Salad with Pears & Walnuts

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Image by ITP Publishing

I'm back in beautiful Marbella where I'll be working from until we head back home to Dubai next week. And as much as I love being on holiday, I'm getting a little antsy to get back to work, as there are quite a few things I'm working on this fall.. But mostly, I actually miss home and my little kitchen!

I will post about our holidays from lovely France, to yummy Italia and amazing Spain when I'm back as I have to upload loads of images and go through them all. It was one heck of a trip with plenty of gorgeous meals, so I can't wait to share them :)

In the mean time I will leave you with a Frenchie salad I made for my spread in the current September issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. I can only imagine how hot and humid it is back home right now. So this is a perfect salad to have for lunch or dinner during these sticky summer days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Bon Appetit!

Much love from Spain! Besos,
D xx

Serves 4 – 6
Prep & Cook Time: 20 minutes

  • ·      1 iceberg head, rinsed and dried
  • ·      3 pears, peeled and cut into chunks
  • ·      ¼ cup walnuts
  • ·      Roquefort cheese
  • ·      ½ cup light cooking cream
  • ·      salt and pepper to taste

1.   In a dry pan, cook the pears on medium heat until they are a little soft and turn slightly golden. Set aside and let them cool.
2.   To make the dressing, blend the Roquefort cheese and light cream until smooth, then season with salt and pepper.
3.   Assemble the salad on each plate by starting with leaves of iceberg, add the pears, then drizzle a generous amount of dressing and top with walnuts. Delicious!