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D's Kitchen in Arabic starting next week :)

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I'm sorry I've been quite absent from the blog these days. I am working on a  couple of very exciting projects (will tell soon), and have been preparing to launch the blog in Arabic, Matbach Dalia, for quite a while.  

First of all I would like to apologize to the Arabic readers for taking this long. I hope you understand when I will explain why it has been such a challenge for me to do this blog in Arabic.

I am Syrian, but was born in London, raised in Paris and grew up in New York before moving to Beirut at age 26. I lived there for barely 2 years before I moved to Dubai to set up Kitsch In 2007. 

I went to a German school in Paris because my first language is German (watch out for Dalia's Kueche ;) I'm fluent in French (La Cuisine de Dalia soon maybe ;) but unfortunately I only speak Arabic, but never learnt how to read and write it. I must say I'm not proud of that at all. Even though my Mami, bless her, tried to send us to Arabic school in Paris, my siblings and I rebelled and she then gave up. Today, I always tell her how right she was and that she should have insisted some more. 

So the reason it took that long for the Arabic version of my personal blog, is because it really is so personal to me that I needed to find the right person, time and mood to start this. It is difficult after all to post things in a language you cannot decipher. But I'm all the more excited now about this new venture.

In the beginning I will upload different posts between Matbach Dalia and D's Kitchen because I have 2 years of recipes and posts to make up for in the Arabic version, but soon enough they will all be published simultaneously, inshAllah. 

Much love from Matbach Dalia :)