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Getting ready for the new chapter in our life and a beautifully, creamy Butter Chicken

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My last few posts have been a little different from my usual recipe plus image ones. Even though  I have a ton of recipes on hand, I somehow have been feeling the urge to share in a different manner these days...

The birth of my second child is just around the corner inshAllah, and so I'm going through the so-called "nesting" phase. A very strong one I may add! I'm planning a month's menu for my little family, knowing I won't be up and running by the stove too soon, going through an OCD phase which means the house is suffering through multiple changes & spring cleanings a week. For some reason, I still haven't had time to set up my baby's nursery which is making me feel super guilty, so I'm getting a little anxious to say the least.

I admit. I'm nervous about having a second child, managing my bigger family and home, trying to find time to spend time with my beloved friends (who probably hate me by now as I'm not calling back, or even seeing anyone these days), plus launching a cookbook, running a chain of bakeries, writing a blog and shooting all at once are really making me feel an odd load of pressure. With my hormones going into overdrive, I haven't been this bipolar ever. Excited. Scared. Nervous. Happy. Tired. Energetic. Sad. Ecstatic. That is me right now pretty much every single day...

But all I can do is just take it one day at a time. I do remember this feeling when I gave birth to Phares, however, not as strongly. Then again, there was just one baby, no book and fewer bakeries, so I guess it all makes sense. Hamdellah, it's all a blessing, but I don't shy away from sharing when things seem to get a little tougher around the edges. After all, this blog is as personal as could be, and things are not always as they appear, so I don't mind sharing that ;)

On a lighter note, this is the latest video of my new cooking series :) I shot these episodes when I was four months pregnant, and am glad I did as I love watching them now. I also love this dish, and am sure you would too, so have a try. It's delectable!

Much love, 
D xx



  1. How exciting and what a beautiful video and dish to celebrate with!

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  3. I stumbled upon your Butter Chicken recipe last night and I am so glad I did! Hailing from a South Asian background, I just love the way you have incorporated everything essential into the dish. It's sure the first on my "cooking list" right now.
    I so can relate with you as with feeling anxious and excited at the time with the arrival of the new baby. I too am expecting my third one this early August. I hope and pray everything goes super well with you and your bundle of joy :)

  4. Thank you!! Good luck on your delivery in August, hope all goes well for you :) D xx

  5. I would like to know how much amount of chicken stock you used :) Thanks

  6. Apologies for the delay. The compete recipe is on

    D x