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A week back in Paris and the best Baked eggs with Tomatoes & Cream...

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Image by Sukaina Rajabali

My trip to Paris last week was truly one of a kind. I grew up in this gorgeous city, so usually when I go back it's either with family, to see friends or simply because I miss my old home. But this time, Paris was all about my cookbook.

It was lovely to be back where my love for food started. And it was even lovelier to be presenting my very own cookbook. It was also quite overwhelming to be honest, realizing that my eternal love for food and cooking lead me to a career that today feels so right in many ways. As I always mention, I have this everlasting identity crisis, which never felt as good as when I started making food my life. All the different influences and the beautiful confusions made so much sense all of a sudden. Life became my delicious melting pot that started in Damascus via London, Mannheim, Paris, Malaga, NYC, Beirut and now Dubai. Something I was unsure about growing up, has become, I believe, one of my strengths as an adult today. Funny how things change the way you least expect it...

Those who know the French a little, would understand why I was a little anxious to see the their reactions to my book. But all I can say is that it was even more exciting than I expected! They absolutely loved it and I could not have been more pleased and humbled to say the least. And being an ex-grumpy Parisian who is never satisfied with anything myself - this really means a lot ;) So some super exciting things in the pipeline inshAllah... I will let you know in due time.

In the mean time I will leave you with one of my favourite ways to have eggs. Simple, but so so good. The recipe is in the cookbook.

Much love,
D xx

 And of course a few snapshots of my Paris

Could there ever be a more gorgeous city?

Heavenly bite.

One classic, simple croque lunch.

Live for this stuff!

À la prochaine...

Recipe from the book "Food, Love and Life from Dalia's Kitchen"



  1. Eeeeeeeks since I have nothing better to do on a Thursday, I thought I'd leave you a little comment- Paris looks lovely through your iPhone! Excited to hear what's on the horizon for you ;)

  2. Hehe thanks so much lovely!! Nothing as pretty as your pics, that's for sure ;)

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