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A beautiful Baked Goat's Cheese Salad and snuggly afternoon...

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Image by Sukaina Rajabali from my cookbook 
"Food, Love and Life from Dalia's Kitchen"

I decided to work from home today as I desperately needed to get back to a ton of urgent emails, and to be honest also because I promised my little man I would be home this afternoon. I also realized my baby girl is growing so quickly, smAllah - she is already nine months old and I feel like I gave birth just a few months ago! So I think I simply needed a snuggly afternoon with my little munchkins and thus home has been my office today :)

I noticed a beautiful ashed piece of goat's cheese in the fridge, so I made a gorgeous salad, very much like the one in my cookbook, which I'm posting the recipe of today. I added some thinly sliced, raw courgettes I received in my organic box yesterday, just to mix it up a little from my usual salad. A quick and divine lunch :)

Much love,
D xx



  1. Hey dalia
    Looks great thanks for sharing any idea or where I can get walnut oil ?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, missed your comments somehow. aeldarat, you can usually find it in oils section at the grocery store. If you cannot find any, use sunflower oil, it will taste yummy too!

    Thank you ipinrecipes! will def check it out!
    D x

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog and now have blogrolled your site :) so that you show up to my readers when they hit my page.
    Stay Happy & keep posting :)

  4. thank you Anjaan! glad to hear that :)