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Expect the unexpected, two little teeth and my famous Spaghetti Al Limone...

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Image by Sukaina Rajabali from my cookbook
"Food, Love and Life from Dalia's Kitchen"

I wish I could tell you about the past four weeks, but I am bound to zip it this time :) So I can only divulge that there is something very innovative coming to the foodie world very soon- particularly for the Middle East… It's all food related but also includes other exciting aspects. I won't say more, but definitely keep checking the blog for a little announcement :)

If I have learnt anything these past few weeks it is to stay open minded, always, from the small to the big decisions we make… I thought I did abide by the "no judging rule" until I caught myself doing exactly the opposite.. What can I say, we learn, every day, all the time.. and I certainly have this past month.

I was away for work for about three weeks, and have never left my little munchkins for this long. The distance and the time away was incredibly hard, and I would catch myself going over images of my little family any time I had a moment of free time. Like a cheesy scene from a movie, honestly.

One of the most beautiful experiences I have had so far was this past Saturday night, arriving at home in Dubai. The endless hug my little man gave me, the smile my baby girl had on her face with her two little frontal teeth when I walked in, and last but not least, Phiras's sigh that I was finally back home… 

So the occasion calls for one recipe that is a staple in our home, one of my classic recipes, Spaghettoni Al Limone with Prawns, which is loved by family and friends as well. And the best part? It's so incredibly easy and quick.

Much love from my home sweet home in Dubai,
D xx