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VIDEO: making your own Za'atar and my Za'atar Chicken

4:27 PM Dalia 1 Comments Category : , , , ,

Za'atar is a divine spice blend from the Middle East and we eat it on pretty much everything. We have it for breakfast with olive oil, labneh (thick strained yoghurt), sprinkle it on manakish (Middle Eastern flatbreads), salads, and all kinds of things. The best kind I've had is from Jordan, and I often have someone bring me a bag or two from there. 

It has a tang from the sumac, a ground and sour fruit, richness from the olive oil and a perfect balance of herbs, sesame seeds and salt. This potent spice mix goes beautifully well with chicken, and this Spatchcoq au Za'atar is my go to recipe at home. It's easy, quick and packed with flavour. 

Here's a quick video on how to make your own za'atar at home (super simple!) and that divine chicken with za'atar.

Hope you enjoy it. Much love,
D xx



  1. Hi beautiful..
    Thanks for this tasty recipe seems delicious.. it was weird to hear about the zaatar with chicken.. i've seen it in Maggi Mix but didn't have the courage to do it, I'll try it now as it's my second time to hear about it, will try it soon with the MAGGI MIX (Zaatar Mix)

    Thank you!