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Omelette with Middle Eastern flavours & a Jamie Oliver foodtube video..

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This must have been my longest blogging absence ever, but in all honesty I just needed to take some time off to sort a few things. Halfway throughout the year I noticed that I had actually burnt out. Simply.

It's strange but in our do-it-all world, people are surprised when I say this out loud. But yes, it's a fact I burnt out a few months ago and fully admit that I took on way too much. Some people have told me that they feel the same way - but don't necessarily discuss it. In this social media age, people tend to showcase only the sweater sides of life, and not necessarily reality. But as I've mentioned before - this blog for me is not just a recipe site - it's my online journal, and so I will stay true to that.

I started tracing back to find out where and when that "burn out phase" came along- did I really take on that much or was I just not capable of juggling as many things as I should or thought I could?? I went through a reflective period and realized the following..

I started work when I graduated from college  and set up my business 1 year later (10 years ago now!) And when you are self employed - time off is very, very tricky. Granted you are your own boss and can manage your own time - but you are never really off, or closed for business. So in effect - you actually have much less "down time" then you would get working for someone. From launching a bunch of f&b projects (some official, some not), to the book, having two babies, catering private events, assisting my sister in our glaucoma charity, other fantastic projects, keeping up with events in ever so busy Dubai, it was simply too much all at once. And with what's happening in our region, I just felt more tense and stressed than usual to top it off. So this summer I took off completely. Something I had not done since I was in school, and I enjoyed every single second of it guiltlessly!

And after that much needed summer break, I am back to feeling like my good old self again. On a personal front, all I need is some more quality and fun time with my loved ones and on the professional front I have learnt to organize myself more (my friends call me a chaotic perfectionist - which is the worst kind)! I also realized that it ok to say NO sometimes and not have too much on that plate. I hope I'll stick to that new resolution which I read on Forbes actually :) 

But today, for my little blogging comeback, I'm sharing a video I shot for the incredible Jamie Oliver and his foodtube team earlier this year. I have certainly had a weakness for the English chef for years! From his wonderful food and charming cooking approach, to his passion to feed children real ingredients, to being such a cool and loving husband & father! I watched the Naked chef growing up and I would be lying if I didn't admit that he was a true influence in many ways.

So to be the first Middle Eastern on his foodtube network is something special for me, and I admit that the timing of being a Syrian on such a platform during current events means that this is more than just a recipe video for me. Food is a beautiful bonding tool and something that helps us all appreciate our different cultures. 

Middle Eastern ingredients are packed with flavour and I absolutely love adding them to every day recipes, like in this Omelette. I urge you to try it. Everyone who has had a bite of this has raved about it endlessly!

And if you enjoyed this, please like, share and do let me know :) I would love to hear from you! Much love, D xx

FOODTUBE LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAXvE7KXfTc



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  2. I am so glad you're back. I was disheartened that you disappeared for a while but I completely get it. I hope you feel refreshed and renewed. I am a huge fan of yours and trust your recipes as they have never failed me...so it's great news that you're back. Please don't stop with the recipes. We are here and we are grateful.

  3. Tastetest, that is one of the sweetest comments. Thank you for your kind words and I'm so happy to hear that the recipes have been a success in your kitchen :) I'm back and soon to launch my youtube channel :) Can't wait to share with you. Thanks again for the sweet comment! Much love, D xx

  4. This is one of the yummiest omelette with middle eastern flavours. Thank you so much for sharing it. keep on sharing as this type of blogs are absolutely awesome.

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